In order to ensure the natural circulation of air and often change often new, many office buildings and offices are equipped with fresh air system, this system can introduce outdoor air into the room to ensure the supply of oxygen, but correspondingly, if there is no effective purification means, the haze pollution in the outdoor air will also be brought into the room, endangering the health of indoor personnel. In view of the air pollution problem in office environment and commercial space, Fuwing Technology uses ESPCC technology to develop a series of high-quality, high-efficiency fresh air purification products represented by "whole house aerobic clean air system", which can not only efficiently introduce fresh air, dehumidification, odor removal, and solve the problem of excessive indoor carbon dioxide concentration. It can also comprehensively solve various pollutants in indoor air. Whether it is large diameter particles such as pollen and catkins, or finer PM2.5, PM0.3, or even small particles such as bacteria and viruses, they can be effectively captured and removed to prevent cross-infection during the epidemic season and protect the respiratory health of indoor personnel.
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