Cross infection refers to the mutual infection between patients in the medical unit. Because hospitals receive a wide variety of patients on a daily basis, by medical definition, each patient can be viewed as a hub for a wide variety of pathogens. Hospital air floating high concentration, variety, highly pathogenic bacteria, air conditioning environment there is a large number of circulating gas, not only patients, long-term work in the hospital medical staff and accompanying family members because of long-term exposure to such an environment, anytime and anywhere may become carriers of pathogenic bacteria, by the threat of cross infection. Especially for those who receive drug therapy, radiation therapy patients, due to their immunity has been greatly reduced, the first to be infected by hospital bacteria air, hepatitis B, influenza, SARS(SARS), bacillary dysentery, H1N1(influenza A), sepsis and other diseases. Therefore, the hospital is not only a place to treat diseases, but also a place where there is a hidden danger of infectious diseases, it is particularly important for the hospital to establish a set of scientific and perfect ventilation and ventilation system.

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